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MY Approach

Beautiful minds is a campaign in Colombo that is actively  trying to bring awareness of mental health and provide support through therapy and counselling. 

Our aim is to provide a confidential, safe, open space for individuals to share their feelings and begin the journey on resolving their issues. 

Through psychological interventions, guidance and support we hope to ensure a more balanced life for individuals struggling to go about their day to day lives.

Support our Mums is an campaign started to provide new and existing mums extra support. It is there to raise awareness about postnatal depression and discuss any issue surrounding motherhood 

  • relationships

  • boundaries

  • breastfeeding

  • expectations and pressures of society 

  • child safe guarding

  • Career

  • emotions

We run workshops to create a community of mums, so that mums can discuss their triumphs and difficulties in a safe, supporting and nonjudgmental environment.


Raising awareness of sexual abuse this campaign is dedicated to educating people on what is sexual abuse and how it can happen. 

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